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Balanced is here to help you find recipes that are both tasty and dietitian-approved!

The nutrition experts at Balanced regularly review standardized recipes from kitchens around the world. We then hand select recipes that meet our rigorous nutrition standards so you can feel confident that you are serving health promoting meals!


Recipes that make the cut

We only include standardized recipes that are flavorful and nutrient dense! For a more in-depth look at our vision for a healthier school environment, check out our Food Service Guide.

Balanced menu components

Balanced recipes are selected to help you design delicious meal patterns that meet and exceed federal nutrition standards while also staying on top of the latest culinary trends. 

These recipes have been chosen with the following nutrition standard recommendations in mind:

Saturated Fat        




<7% of daily calories

<50 mg/day

<1500 mg/day

>30 g/day 


Download a FREE monthly menu template to showcase your new recipes

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Designed to meet your needs

Select your kitchen's cooking style and find recipes and resources to help you design health-promoting menus that work for you.

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Scratch or semi-scratch

If you've got the team and equipment for scratch or semi-scratch cooking, check out these recipes for maximum health benefits.

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Vendor Database

We understand some kitchens aren’t equipped for scratch cooking yet, so we've put together a plant-based vendor database you can use to find  menu options that still support a healthy food environment.

Vendors, get your plant-rich products featured on our site and in front of more customers by completing our quick plant-rich product survey 

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