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Balanced is here to help you find recipes that are both tasty and dietitian-approved! The nutrition experts at Balanced regularly review standardized recipes from kitchens around the world. We then hand select recipes that meet our rigorous nutrition standards so you can feel confident that you are serving health promoting meals!

The Balanced Lunch Tray

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Why Balanced Lunch Tray?

Balanced is a nutrition security and public health nonprofit organization working to make the jobs of food and nutrition service teams easier.

With a special emphasis on nutrient-based interventions, Balanced’s programs focus on shifting the proportion of health-promoting foods on menus through an increase of dietary fiber and a reduction of foods high in cholesterol, saturated fats, excess sodium, and ultraprocessing.


We believe community institutions are a key lever in the fight against chronic, preventable diet-related diseases and it's Balanced's goal to help prevent and reverse them in children, families, and communities.

At Balanced, we understand the challenges of today's modern food system. By catering to the dietary needs of a significant number of individuals daily, you and your team possess the potential to combat and even reverse the primary causes of diet related illnesses within your community.

We are aware that you approach this opportunity and responsibility with utmost seriousness. This is why we deeply appreciate the chance to partner with forward-thinking leaders like yourself, to revolutionize menus and make a profound impact on people's lives.

Scratch or semi-scratch If you've got the team and equipment for scratch or semi-scratch cooking, check out these recipes for maximum health benefits.

Scratch & Semi-Scratch Recipes

We have compiled the most extensive, centralized directory of fiber-rich, plant-based food products. Search by protein substitute, brand name, and even K-12 Creditable. 

Plant-Based Product & Vendor Directory

Everything you need to get started balancing menus with fiber-rich, health-promoting meals. Get your FREE downloadable guide! 

Food Service Guide for Schools

FREE 1:1 consulting with our food service experts to support you in creating a profitable, marketable, and successful design for your school's food environments. 

1:1 Consulting


The cover of a Food Service Guide for K-12 schools, pcitures of apples, oranges, tomatoes, and avocados on the front

Expert-selected menu ideas, recipes, marketing and promotion tools... plus much more inside!

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